Why Masonry

According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), brick masonry has a 100-year effective lifespan.  This means that with minimal maintenance, your brick home will last more than a lifetime!  With very little need for maintenance, the ongoing costs of upkeep and repair are significantly lower over brick's lifetime as compared to other materials.

Below you can see a table as published by the Brick Industry Association listing estimated time for repair of various exterior finishes.

Material Application Estimated Time to Repair (Years)
Brick Walls 100-150+
Sealant Joints 5-20
Metal Coping / flashing 20-75
Metal Anchors & ties 15+
Mortar Walls 50+
Plastic Flashing 5-25
Paint Finishes 3-5
Water Repellants Walls 5-10
Stucco Finishes 5-10